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100% Inspiration for the Masses

100% Inspiration
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MuseJuice: all your inspiration needs in one neat little package.

This community exists for the singular purpose of sharing creativity: if you made it, you can post it. Clothing and jewelry, crafts of all types, artwork and poetry and prose (oh my!): give what you can so that others may come and be moved, motivated, and inspired. Have questions or need a good brainstorm? I’m sure we can help you there, too. The world needs more imagination, more ingenuity: I intend for Musejuice to become a wellspring to the masses.

* * * *

Rules (you knew it was coming)

Always treat other members with respect. This is a good rule for life in general. To act immaturely or carry personal feuds into the community will result in a single warning. Further such behavior will see the offending person banned. No exceptions.

Use lj- cut tags on any post of excessive length or containing many pictures that may clog up the friends pages of those who watch. Please also hide anything that may be questionable for younger audiences behind a cut tag and the proper warning. Let’s keep the community clean (figuratively, my friends).

No advertising. This isn’t just a community thing, for legal reasons, it’s a LJ thing. Mentioning your personal web page or some-such is fine, as are plugs for RELATED communities. Posting “Buy this, you know you want it, get it here, costs (insert price here) much!” is not, under any conditions. This is a community journal, not a billboard.

Do not, under any circumstances, break copyrights. Any art --drawn, written or otherwise-- that someone decides to post to this journal is still their property, and usage must be approved by the artist, with the proper credit given in any case. Even ideas (the structure of a fantasy world, for one, or a basic storyline) can be very sensitive grounds. When in doubt, ask, and then do as you are told. Behavior otherwise will not only result in banning, but could lead to lawsuits. Besides, it’s just plain rude.

Don’t post if you don’t want to share. If someone (politely) asking “oh, how did you get THAT effect?” is going to piss you off, then don’t post it. This journal is to inspire and teach people, not to show off. Of course, downright copying is against the rules (see above), but when you post a craft, be willing to help those that are inspired by your work. Exceptions to this rule will exist, primarily in writing and art, but when it comes to crafts, we’d all like a go at some beautiful project.

Don't critique if it isn't requested. This is just to prevent possible ego-sorts of arguments. Suggestions or brainstorm ideas are welcome, but please reserve serious critiques for those that request them. Along the same lines, if you want said critiques, ask!

Mod's word is law. I, cheshiretiger, reserve the right to ban anyone at any time. I reserve the right to change the rules without warning. I reserve the right to close down the community. Chances are, I will do neither, but I want to keep the option open. Not that I believe any of you fine LJ users will behave in such a way that will trigger this, but we all know what sorts of things can happen over the internet. I'd like to try and keep everything plesant.

* * * *

Other than that, have fun and go nuts!